the only democratic, decentralized and meritocratic App

Spheralog is a multifunctional super-app that simplifies daily life, promotes democratic participation and offers financial, educational, employment and communication services. It also supports organizations and initiatives helping to create a responsible and sustainable society.


5 areas in a single Super-App

Spheralog is a Super-App that incorporates many different features in the same app, including the processing of payments and financial transactions but also the management of many aspects of users’ private and/or professional lives.


Develop and express your individuality: assess and improve your interactional skills as a citizen in all the decision-making processes of society.


It manages any deposited capital: it offers substancial opportunities to earn money and guidance on investing your resources to pursue and develop a positive-impact economy.


It guides the user in life-long learning and research: it improves users' skills and gives life to the process of reviewing and evaluating the economy.


It develops ideas and projects in line with sustainability guidelines and analyses the users' quality of life: it improves career prospects, social and institutional activities, disseminates sustainable products and services and helps manage your time and activities.


It disseminates your content, promotes your personal image as well as your activities: it transmits experiences, creates and improves connections, disseminates news about goals and critical issues encountered in the process of reviewing and evaluating the economy.

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The first release is scheduled for October 2023. Pre-registration is not binding, you can unsubscribe from the App at any time in full compliance with European regulations on data processing.


How thematic areas work


Why registering to SpheraLog?

With Spheralog, you can take an active role in society and enhance your life and the lives of others.

You can help improve the health of the planet, earn money ethically, establish yourself in your field of interest, enhance your work, and solve problems with concrete solutions offered by professionals in every industry!

How to pre-register free of charge

Previewing the Beta version of Spheralog is really easy!



A Super-App contains different features in a single app, including the processing of payments and financial transactions but also the management of many aspects of users’ private and/or professional lives.

The Spheralog profile can be activated by anyone and your identity must be verified to access all its features: there is only one profile for each person, corresponding to the real identity of the registered user. The profile can be verified directly by anyone who is at least 18 years old. A minor’s profile can be verified by a parent or legal guardian.

The purpose of Spheralog is to manage all the main aspects of contemporary society from a single application in a democratic, decentralized and meritocratic way: decisions and expression of preferences, economics and finance, education and scientific research, development processes in the community and communication.

Don’t wait for someone else to solve your problems, take action yourself.

If you are experiencing a social, economic or work situation that worries you, use Spheralog’s tools to self-manage your situation, find support and bring the change you would like to see in the world

No, both pre-registration and registration are totally free.

When you pre-register, you will be among the first to have the chance to test the Beta version of Spheralog, which will be released in October 2023.

No, pre-registration does not entail any constraint.

It will be possible to register properly with Spheralog at the end of the development of the Super-App, on a date to be defined.

Spheralog guarantees that data is stored in line with the European GDPR.

You have complete control of your personal and sensitive data: if you agree to share it for technical or marketing purposes, you have the right to view at any time which and how many subjects have requested access to the data, to what type of data and for how long. You may revoke your sharing consent at any time. Spheralog’s policy is clear; the user is always at the centre of the experience offered and the first beneficiary of the data collected, which Spheralog mainly uses to provide automatic compilation and graphic profiling services. For more information, see the Privacy Policy here.

Spheralog uses blockchain technology to authenticate the production and publication of data. This is an effective and recognized method to produce content covered by copyright and to guarantee the official nature of voting data, which can be brought to the attention of the public administration precisely by virtue of this authentication.

Do you have any questions about SpheraLog?

Write us an email to this address: info@spheralog.com. We will be pleased to answer to all your questions!